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Zero Emission12.5+ meter Single Cabin Buses  - NOW

City transport Revolutionalized!    12 to 18 metre single and articulated bus models available for most Global markets now.
Zero Emissions with fast refuelling and low space infrastructure requirements allow our cities to implement zero emission diesel replacement without major impact on operating processes and facilities.   Clean, quiet and efficient and available now!

Based on extensive experience from Horizon installations all over the world and our top international bus partner we are able to deliver high quality, high safety vehicles to any international standard.

Available Models

Chassis Type

  • Twin Axel 12.5m plus Single Cabin

  • Triple Axel 12+m plus Single Cabin

  • Triple Axel 18m plus reticulated Cabin

Power System

  • 60 kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric (12.5m)

  • 80 kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric (12-18m)

  • 100 kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric (18m)


Advanced Safety Features

  • Emergency Forward Braking System

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Lane Departure Assistance

  • Unique driver Auditory Health and Awareness System


General Information

  • Galvanised Australian Steel

  • Certified Europe, Australasia, SE Asia, Americas

Hyzon Buses are now available for pre-order contact our sales team now