Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks

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Heavy Trucks

30 to 50t Tractor and Rigid Units

100, 150, 200kW Fuel Cell options

Delivery from Nov 2020 

Medium-Duty Trucks

6 to 18t Rigid Trucks

40 to 80kW Fuel Cell options

Delivery from Nov 2021

Low-floor City Buses and Coach Buses

City Bus

12m (40') and 18m (60') Variants

60 to 100kW Fuel Cell powertrains

Up to 400km range per fill

Available from June 2020

Touring Coach Bus

12m (40') Premium Offering

80 to 100kW fuel cell on board

At least 400km range per fill

Available from June 2020


Sustainable Hydrogen

Private and Public Hydrogen Production and Distribution Solutions: Supported and Financed by HYZON. 

Available Now

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