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Hyzon Fuel Cell, made in USA

Hyzon Motors currently equips our vehicles with fuel cell modules up to 150kW.  In 2020, Hyzon Motors heavy vehicles will offer the groundbreaking Horizon 500hp (370kW) Fuel Cells, delivering the simplest and most dependable balance of plant available globally.  The 500hp Fuel Cells will provide unparalleled performance for both short and long haul heavy trucks.

Hyzon/Horizon Powertrain

Hyzon Motors leverages 16 years of Fuel Cell technology development within Horizon, and combines this with a highly qualified leadership team with vast ICE and Electric Vehicles experience.  The Hyzon team will ensure exceptional product and service delivery, second to none.
Hyzon Motors will be the first Fuel Cell Commercial Vehicle manufacturer in series production, leveraging substantial field experience to ensure all our vehicles perform reliably and effectively in deployment scenarios.


Suspension Kinetic Energy System

Our objective is to reach absolute efficiency and sustainability with all that we do.  We will launch in our heavy vehicles the option of a Kinetic Energy Suspension System (KESS).

Where traditional kinetic energy systems focus on Braking, focused on optimum benefit on Highways, Hyzon focus on capturing Kinetic Energy from road undulations.  Hyzon heavy vehicles will thus reduce energy consumption to capture improved efficiency from our industry leading Fuel Cell Power Systems